Upper Lip Wrinkles

La Fontaine Aesthetics in Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado

Also called lipstick bleeders or smoker’s lines, these lines are often treated with several techniques. Botox is used to relax the muscle, thus diminishing the dynamic wrinkles,  the lines that come and go with the puckering of your lip. This will help take away the lines, but it is mostly preventative.

Once the lines become static (lines are present without puckering), Restylane or Radiesse  are used to stretch the lip and the skin above the lip, thus smoothing the wrinkles away.

Finally, once these lines are very advanced, The MiXto fractional CO2 laser is used to resurface the lines away. Often, Botox and dermal fillers are used along with the MiXto laser skin resurfacing to maximize the results.


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