Transcutaneous Vein Treatment

Lasers have revolutionized the treatment of veins. Now diseased and unsightly veins can be treated with less invasive surgery, with less side-effects and down-time than prior treatments (vein-stripping) that we used just a few years ago.

Transcutaneous lasers penetrate through the skin to treat underlying veins. This type of vein treatment is non-invasive and is used to treat spider veins (broken capillaries), facial veins, nose veins, as well as, those stubborn blue veins around the eyes.

Specifically, the laser light safely passes through the skin and then the hemoglobin in blood vessels absorbs the laser’s energy. This causes the blood to coagulate and the vessel wall to constrict and close off. The body than slowly resorbs the vein over a period of months. Unsightly vessels will fade in a few treatments or less.

The vein treatment usually takes 30 minutes. The laser pulses cause a short hot snap that fades quickly. Immediately after the treatment the vessel may disappear, darken or shrink. The surrounding skin may turn pink, become swollen or rarely bruise. These skin changes usually resolve in less than one week. We have four vein lasers which allow us to maximize results the laser that fits the patient’s needs

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