Sculptra, a unique dermal filler, is used to add volume to broader areas of the face, thus, ‘sculpting’ the face with volume. Sculptra is  most commonly used to increase the fullness of cheek bones and lower face, giving a healthier look of volume that we lose with aging.

Sculptra® stimulates the skin to make its own collagen. This is a different mechanism than other fillers, which use a gel to plump and stretch the skin. Because Sculptra stimulates collagen production, it takes the body several months to have the full effects, but the effects can last over 2 years. It is generally used as a whole face treatment to restore volume and fullness, as opposed to Restylane and Cosmoplast, which are used for individual lines on the face.

Sculptra is a revolutionary treatment that restores volume and fullness to the thin, aging face. This treatment will lift the cheek and tighten the jaw line. As volume is restored to the face, the skin will stretch, fine lines will diminish and a natural, youthful fullness will appear. Sculptra is also used to restore volume to the hands and neck, thus restoring a fuller, more youthful appearance. Sculptra is an injectable product, poly-L-lactic acid, that stimulates your own body to make collagen in and underneath the skin. Sculptra is biocompatible (does not harm the body) and biodegradable and has been used for many years in soft tissue implants.

Treatments with Sculptra consist of a series of skin injections, which take about 1/2 hour and are performed in the medical suite. A gradual increase in skin thickness and fullness occur over the next 2 months, giving a natural restoration to facial fullness. We find that most patients are satisfied after 2 or 3 treatments (spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart). Maintenance treatments may be needed occasionally (every year or two).

Facial Lipoatrophy

Facial lipoatrophy can be associated with anti-retroviral medicines and the effects can be profound and disfiguring. Dr. Oleszek was trained with Scupltra by one of the leaders in treating facial lipoatrophy in Miami, Florida. We have seen dramatic effects with this treatment. Usually, a Sculptra treatment lasts one hour, with 2 to 3 sessions needed for optimal results. Results have been seen to last up to 2 years and possibly longer, since studies are still ongoing.

Static wrinkles are lines that are not affected by facial expressions. As these lines deepen, they are then called ‘folds.’ Common areas are the nasolabial fold (from the nose to the corner of the mouth) and the marionette lines (the lines on the outside of the mouth downwards). Restylane, Radiesse and Sculptra are used most commonly to treat these lines.