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Lux 1064 Vein Laser

Leg veins and blue veins around and under the eye can now be treated safely and effectively with the advanced laser technology of the Palomar Lux 1064 laser. This non-invasive laser treatment causes unsightly vessels to fade in a few treatments or less.

Lux 1064 Vein Laser

The Lux 1064 Laser uses the 1064nm wavelength, which ideally targets larger blue veins, which mostly occur around the eyes and on the legs. Specifically, 1064nm wavlength safely passes through the skin, then the hemoglobin in blood vessels absorbs the laser’s energy. This causes the blood to coagulate and the vessel wall to constrict and close off. The body than slowly resorbs the vein over a period of months.

The 1064nm wavelength laser can penetrate more deeply under the skin than other lasers with other wavelengths, thus allowing us to treat deeper leg veins more effectively.

Do you have stubborn blue veins around or underneath your eyes? Now we have a good treatment option with the Lux 1064 laser. After 1 to 3 simple and quick treatments with the Lux 1064 laser, we see a thinning or complete dissapearance of these veins.

The treatment usually takes 1/2 hour. The laser pulses cause a short hot snap that fades quickly. The Lux 1064 laser minimizes discomfort and side effects by using a handpiece with a chilled tip. This chilled tip keeps the skin continually cooled, thus protecting the skin and decreasing any heat sensation the patient may feel.

Immediately after the treatment the vessel may disappear, darken or shrink. The surrounding skin may turn pink, become swollen or rarely bruise. These usually resolve in less than 1 week. Vessels will fade over 1 month. Often more than 1 treatment may be necessary to achieve full clearance of leg veins.

Before & After photos


Leg veins Before After
Leg Veins Before After
Leg Veins Before After


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