Liposuction is one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic medicine. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons it was requested by approximately 900,000 people in the United States the past three years. Men and women turn to liposuction typically after exhausting all other methods to lose fat.

The most common and popular areas include:

  • abdomen
  • hips/waist
  • buttocks
  • thighs
  • knees
  • upper arms
  • chin and neck

At La Fontaine Aesthetics we specialize in office-based liposuction done under local anesthesia, which means that all patients walk out of the office after the procedure with minimal pain and side-effects.

And because we don’t use general anesthesia, we can keep our prices more affordable, yet we have the best technologies available that have proven results associated with permanently removing unwanted fat.

At La Fontaine we use several liposuction techniques to help permanently remove unwanted fat cells. The time required for liposuction depends on the number of areas to be treated and the type of technique selected for the procedure. During liposuction, small incisions are made at key points to access the treatment area to minimize the amount of visible scar tissue.

Is Liposuction Right for You?

As with any surgical procedure, liposuction should not be entered into lightly and should be considered after a consultation has been completed by Dr. Ken Oleszek. For those seeking to enhance their body image and esteem with a toned, sculptured look, liposuction can be a very beneficial experience.

Recovery Time

With standard liposuction it is typical to experience swelling pain, bruising or possibly burning for 3 to 4 days following surgery. You may return to normal activity as soon as you feel ready. Yes you can have the surgery on a Friday and be back to work on Monday.

Most common liposuction procedures at La Fontaine include Laser Liposuction, Tickle Lipo and Body-Jet liposuction.

  • Laser Liposuction – is a gentle technique where a laser fiber is used to direct the laser energy just under the skin. This heats the skin causing collagen tightening and a slight to moderate tightening of the skin. This technique is used most commonly on the to improve loose skin (seen after having children) on the abdomen and to smooth skin on the thighs with cellulite.
  • Tickle Liposuction – is the next generation liposuction device that uses a very low level of energy, which causes a slight vibration to gently loosen and remove fatty tissue from unwanted areas. This vibration makes the fat removal less traumatic so ultimately there are less side-effects and bruising for the patient.  The Tickle Lipo is used commonly for removing ‘Muffin Tops’ – the abdomen and waistline.
  • AquaShape by BodyJet – AquaShape™ is an innovative liposuction and fat transfer procedure that removes unwanted fat with a water spray liposuction device and then uses this natural fat to restore natural contours to the face, hands, breasts and buttocks. Unlike temporary fillers and implants, AquaShape™ uses your own natural fat to achieve long lasting results in a safe, simple and effective out-patient procedure with minimal downtime.

La Fontaine offers the very best available technology in liposuction. Dr. Oleszek has completed extensive research on all technologies available in the industry. We recommend to schedule a complimentary consultation if you’re considering the liposuction, 303-355-4772.