How under eye filler changed my life

We all have our issues when it comes to insecurities. When it comes to hollowness under the eyes, or as many of us refer to it – dark circles under the eye, it’s one we can almost all relate too. It’s called the “tired look”.

It’s the feeling more often than not when you look tired, but are not. When it comes to the eyes, there can be a multitude of issues leaving you with the tired look. And while topical creams like Dr. Oleszek’s Eye Firming cream will aid in lymphatic drainage in the eyes and reduce fine lines, the loss of volume is what causes the less than attractive look, and can be corrected with under eye filler.

According the Plastic Surgeon and Author of,
“The Age Fix: How to look 10 years younger,” Dr. Anthony Youn, MD says some patients will even see them in their 20’s if it’s in the genes. “By the time we hit our 40’s, almost everyone has hollowness going on.”

Why do we get dark under eye circles?

As we age, the fat pads that line underneath the eye start to drop. There is also bone loss that plays a role in the hollowness which is more prevalent in women than in men. Restylane is used to rejuvenate under the eye and add volume where needed. What’s great about Restylane at La Fontaine, the results are immediate. And while we recommend Arnica and Bromelain to expedite any bruising or swelling, you can go back to your usual routine immediately after your appointment.

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