Hand Rejuvenation

As we age, our hands age as well, with a thinned appearance and the development of brown spots. Sun exposure and subcutaneous volume loss are the main contributors to this process. Fortunately, there are very effective treatments for hand rejuvenation.

The brown spots (also called age spots, liver spots or sun spots) can be treated with, chemical peels, pulsed light (similar to the photofacial) or Laser skin resurfacing with Fractional Lux 1540. We use dermal fillers, such as Restylane, Radiesse or fat transfer to restore that plump youthful appearance to the hands.  At La Fontaine, we use the Aquashape™ process to recreate long lasting fullness to the hands.

AquaShape uses your own natural fat to reduce the signs of aging in the  hands. Safe, simple and effective, AquaShapeoffers long-lasting results with minimal patient downtime.

How can AquaShape Help Me?

As we age, our skin changes, both at the surface and underneath. Skin becomes less elastic, collagen production slows down, and there’s a reduction in the natural fatty tissue that helps to give the hands its youthfulness. Your hands can also show signs of aging, as wrinkled skin, veins and tendons become more prominent. AquaShape rejuvenation allows you to use your own natural fat in order to restore youthfulness in the hands. During the AquaShape procedure, excess fat is harvested from targeted parts of your body where it is not needed, and then re-injected into areas where extra fullness can help reduce the signs of aging.

How Does AquaShape Work?

For most people, the earliest signs of aging are written clearly across the face, but also may show in the hands. In addition to reduced collagen production and decreased skin elasticity, there’s also depletion in the natural fatty tissue that helps define the youthfulness of the hands. AquaShape can help restore lost volume, and reduce the signs of aging.

AquaShape allows you to enjoy your own personal fountain of youth. During the AquaShape procedure, a gentle jet of water dislodges and harvests excess fat from selected areas of your body. This natural fat is then re-injected into the hands. AquaShape uses only your own natural fat, minimizing the risk for infection and providing long-lasting, natural-looking results.

How can I get started with AquaShape?

We offer complimentary consultations, please call 303-355-4772
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