Facial Vein Treatment

Facial Vein Treatment

Diolite 532nm Laser

The Diolite laser is a 532nm wavelength laser that is used to treat blood vessels of the face (telangiectasias) and superficial spider veins on the legs. The Diolite also removes cherry spots from the cheeks, neck and arms. This is one of Dr. Oleszek’s favorite lasers, “I can see immediate disappearing of facial and nose blood vessels.”

Lux 1064 Vein Laser

Leg veins and blue veins around and under the eye can now be treated safely and effectively with the advanced laser technology of the Palomar Lux 1064 laser. This non-invasive laser treatment causes unsightly vessels to fade in a few treatments or less.


Sclerotherapy is the treatment of choice for varicose veins and spider veins. As we age, more visible veins frequently emerge on the legs and the face. During sclerotherapy, a sclerosing agent is injected into the vein with a tiny needle. This sclerosing solution irritates the vein, which causes the vein to collapse and become fibrous, with eventual reabsorption of the vessel. This procedure is surprisingly not painful. Most treatments last one hour, with multiple veins injected. Optimal results take multiple treatment sessions, with most patients seeing 60% to 80% improvement per session. Frequently, compression stockings are recommended for the week after a treatment.


Facial redness, facial vessels and broken capillaries are common issues with the aging face. Mostly, we blame the sun and genetics for their occurrence.

Pulsed light, the Photofacial and the Diolite lasers specifically target the hemoglobin in the blood to treat the vessels and broken capillaries around the nose and cheek.

Rosacea (facial redness and flushing) is treated with prescription medicine and with photofacials, which can result in significant improvement and lessen the need for daily medicine.