Advanced Pore Treatments

Enlarged pores is one of the most common issues we hear from our patients.  Luckily, there are treatment options to minimize your pores.

Detox gel pore treatment
This mild peel uses a mixture of medicines to decongest pores and exfoliate the skin.  Steam is used to soften the pores and then extractions are done by our licensed skin care professional.  Best of all there is no downtime and this teatment is safe for pregnant women.

We recently added a new cosmetic treatment at La Fontaine that helps decrease the size of your pores. Allumera is a photodynamic topical cream that is applied to the skin for 30 minutes.  It then is activated either with the omnilux or photofacial.  There will be a 2-3 day period of redness, after which an improvemnt is seen in pore size and sun damged skin.  This treatment is for patients who have enlarged pores with sun damaged skin and want more results than the Detox gel pore treatment and can tolerate a few days of redness.

Fractional Laser Treatment
This laser treatment decreases enlarged pores, as well as, improving skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles and acne scars.   Redness for a couple days after is expected.

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